Look Back

Mimi Anderson Uncategorised

On 7th September 2017 I set out to get a new world record, but unfortunately my body had other ideas. I can say without doubt that I gave it my all. The vastness of this country is magnificent, and it was a real privilege to have actually run though it. We met some amazing and extra-ordinary people who made my journey something that I will never forget. I saw some beautiful sunrises. Unfortunately, I missed most of the sunsets as they were behind me!
During the 40 days I ran 2,217 miles through 9 States – Yes 9!! I nearly got hit by 3 cars which was pretty scary, had to cope with severe heat, torrential rain (which is very unpleasant when you have extremely large lorries flying past you) and gale force winds – oh and got bitten by a dog!
This journey wasn’t just about me trying to get a world record, it was also about raising money and awareness for my two Charities; Free to Run and Marie Curie.
When I hit the 2,000 mile point I thought about my father and Mark (Tim’s brother) ¬†who are the reason I’m raising money for Marie Curie, the charities support over the last few months and days of their lives.
I had many women who came out to join me on the run which was an honour. They reminded me how lucky we all are to be able to run without any form of discrimination or abuse. Free to Run is a marvellous charity that supports women and girls from conflict areas by empowering them through sport and education. The work this charity does is outstanding. Sport is a great leveller and for young women who have lost confidence in themselves and everything around them… sport can gradually restore their confidence and enable them to try things that are within their grasp.
Thank you to everyone who has already donated, you are amazing but please, if you have any spare cash, could you make a donation to either of the two charities – or both if you wish!
Both need our help and support. www.mimirunsusa.com