18th Sept Day 12 – Towards Farmington Arizona

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Jan has just posted live FB :


She says:

“Extreme Crewing for Mimi Anderson World Record Attempt to Run Across America. Drove 17 miles at 0600 to get the laundry done and car fuelled. RV already sorted. Paul George and myself have been busy this morning with our chores, the glamorous but necessary life of the crew. Still in Arizona, on Day 12 of Mimi’s challenge and we’ll be setting up camp around Farmington, AZ later on today 😊 Also making the most of the WiFi as its non-existent in these parts.”

Also heard from Jenny today. Mimi in good form but in need of bigger size Hokas (swollen feet) – thank you to “myRaceKit.com”  for sorting this out – next day delivery.

… and more socks from Xbionic  https://www.x-bionic.com – on their way and hopefully here tomorrow.

I (HWMBO) will be packing all the extras that the crew have requested – Yorkshire tea bags, marmite and Vegetable Stock cubes (not easily available in the US) – and a few of my own luxuries!

Jenny’s Update today:


In between leap frogging ahead to crew Mimi, I have moved from McDonalds to Burger King and….success! Uploads to Strava completed, minus one run from yesterday which I can’t upload as she’s currently using that watch right now.

My tour of fast food eateries in the Navajo Reservation continues. Burger King is where it’s at!

Feeling like we’ve won the lottery by having such good wi-fi!

Still no phone signal so I’m afraid social media updates are only possible when we find wi-fi. We cross into New Mexico tomorrow and expect signal to improve.


From HWMBO :

Paul George has asked me from Jan Strachan if Mimi has a favorite song – she keeps singing “Fly me to the Moon“.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hxibHJOE5E

Mimi sings this at all times of the day and night. It is my alarm call in the morning and my lullaby at night. In the words of Frank himself it is “Killing Me Softly” I HATE the song now. It would be wonderful if the crew could embed another .
Pretty sure she likes “I will survive” Gloria Gaynor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYkACVDFmeg