500 miles completed

Tim Anderson Uncategorised

Today Mimi completed 500 miles on her journey across the USA.  A major milestone for her and the team. Jenny tells us that she is still smiling and my brief chat with her yesterday would confirm that spirits remain high.

From Jenny “She’s done it! Mimi reached 500 miles earlier today! A huge milestone and we can’t believe how quickly the time is going already. Arizona is a beautiful state and the friendliness of the people we’ve met is very touching. She’s in great shape and always has a smile on her face”.

The terrain has been considerably harder than anticipated – vehicles stuck in the sand and mud, punctures etc – however VW have been fantastic and the support vehicle now has off-road wheels.

The crew have had to cope with yet more challenges – aside from the navigation and difficulty with some of the terrain the generator in the RV broke down – no electrics! Paul was hard at the repair when I spoke to them yesterday. (I hope this doesn’t happen when it’s my turn – engines not my forte!).

Jenny posted this yesterday:

“First flat tyre in the most remote location, and I start setting up the jack and suddenly these lovely people showed up to help. Very grateful as we hadn’t seen another car for 7 hours! New off-road tyres went on the next day, a big thank you to our incredible sponsors Volkswagen  for arranging it all. Tilly the Tiguan is now back on the road, today hitting up forest trails around Flagstaff as Mimi hits 500 MILES today!”

The link below is a short video showing one of the crew duties (At this point it is worth stating that Paul and Becky who have crewed for Mimi for many years are actually on their honeymoon – or as it is now called their “Runnymoon” – now that is dedication.)


Mimi continues to be an inspiration to all of us as we follow her amazing journey.