Day 19 through Walsenburg towards La Junta

Tim Anderson Uncategorised

The route today was essentially long and flat, the road could be seen vanishing at the horizon over 12 miles in the distance. Mimi was definitely feeling the effect of the last few days of rain and cold and was not her normal chirpy self. The rain was only sporadic in the morning but the cold wind was biting. By dawn the rain had passed but it remained cold.

The hardest thing for the crew today was to find suitable stopping places at the required distances for lunch and the end of the day. The RV is so large that if we miss an opportunity we would have to drive many miles before finding a turning spot.  Today this has meant a slightly shorter mileage.

The Trackers have had a few issues again as we lose mobile coverage. It requires a minimum of 2G to function, but do not work with 4G.  The response time for the trackers can also be effected, we are told, when there are other events using the system creating high traffic and therefore slow response times. Updating the web and facebook pages are equally tricky in these areas.

Mimi at her lunchtime checkpoint

Our evening checkpoint

                                                   Totals for today were a little down – 54.5  miles.