Day 20

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La Junta to Hasty – We lost the second crew car today as Jenny had to take Fiona to Denver as she returns to the UK. She has been a massive help to Mimi with her close attention, massage, physio and general care of Mimi’s body.  Fiona’s replacement, another Becky, will be arriving very late tonight and thrown in at the deep end at 4.00 am tomorrow!

One of the hazards of losing the second car is that we are not able to scout the route ahead to ensure all is clear and that nothing has changed since our Recce last year. This was born out today when with 2 RVs (us and the camera crew) in convoy we encountered this impassable obstacle :

Today Mimi woke in great spirits and seemed to be in a completely different space to yesterday. Sophie kept her company on the morning shift and Jan took over in the support car as Jenny was off to Denver. I was left in charge of the RV – cleaning up after everyone had gone, shopping at Walmart ( now that is some experience), visiting the RV camps to fill up with water and dump the rubbish, refuel and then find a suitable stop for the lunch break on the 31 mile point before cooking the lunch for Mimi and crew – All on my own! I just made it and Mimi appeared to enjoy her food. Thank you to Jan for the instruction over the last few days. It demonstrates how important it is to get the numbers right on the crew team. While I got away with this today it would be difficult for the duration.

Sophie testing the water

While I write Sophie and I are preparing Mimi’s dinner tonight and making up her snacks for tomorrow.

We have had some tremendous support these last few days including the state police in La Junta who popped in to check all was well and to pass the word to his colleagues having heard what Mimi was up to in order to keep an eye on her, (mind you he was the one who said the dirt track would be passable – we forgive him!).

The sun is warm and Mimi has so far had a great day remaining in high spirits.  We look forward to her arrival around 7.30 this evening all being well.