Day 22 Kansas

Tim Anderson Uncategorised

A long hard day on a miserable road – lots of traffic and spray. Mimi was pretty tired by the end of the afternoon and much of her movement forward was forced marching. She had a delightful escort from a state trooper who insisted on meeting her when he heard what she was up to.

The problem with long days is that it results in short nights and less sleep. However Mimi was up and out ready to start at her staked out point at 0500 and hoping for no rain. — with Jenny Davis and 5 others. We have had a follower this morning (29th) who behaved a bit like a stalker following Mimi in his car and driving in a way that endangered the runner, other traffic and himself.  He was arrested by the police in the end. Please  if you want to come and see Mimi run or run with her introduce yourself and do not put Mimi in danger or other road users . We welcome all and any visitors but be safe.