Day 34 Missouri to Illinois

Tim Anderson Uncategorised

Yesterday Mimi crossed the Alton Bridge into Illinois. It was after dark, although the bridge was lit up so brightly that as you passed under the lights it was like daylight. The wind was so strong Mimi struggled to stay in the pedestrian lane as she was buffeted in all directions. She raised her arms as she crossed the state line – another landmark reached.

We have met some wonderful people in Missouri. Coffee and buns delivered to the RV at 4.30 in the morning at one stop in the town of Archie, where later that day 4 ladies joined Mimi on the trail.

A big thank you to Brian Flaspohler who joined her running on two consecutive days.

The Katy trail was a glorious respite from the hot sun but occasionally it did make it difficult for the crew to keep in contact.


On rare occasions HWMBO was found trotting as well.

The sunrises and sunsets in Missouri have been glorious.

Great to have company