Day 39 Indiana

Tim Anderson Uncategorised

Mimi as she crosses the state line Illinois to Indiana

Mimi has run through the middle of Indianapolis today in the rain. She is much improved from her “bendy” stance yesterday and the day before, caused by pain in her lower back. A visit to the Chiropractor has sorted the problem at least for the time being.

Everyone now having a go at a mouse theme – although we think day 38 looks more like a cat!

Despite the detour and over 3 and half hours off the road Mimi still managed a great 40 miles plus on her second day in Indiana.

Yesterday was hot – very different today as it has rained since dawn.  The people we have met have continued to be fantastically generous – just this morning one of the witnesses, on discovering exactly what Mimi was trying to do and the causes she was supporting, returned with a $400 donation to her charities.

The crew are finding every opportunity to catch up on sleep.