Day 40 The journey comes to an end.

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A sad day – Post from Mimi’s face book: 18th Oct

Yesterday morning Mimi had an MRI at the Reid Hospital in Richmond, Indiana. From there she had a follow up appointment a few hours later at the Reid Orthopaedic Centre. We cannot thank the staff enough for arranging these appointments so urgently, ensuring that Mimi received the best possible care as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately Mimi did not receive the news that her or her team wanted to hear. Due to previous meniscus tear surgery Mimi has now been left with no cartilage on the right side of her knee, she also has serious bone odemas and the risk of stress fractures in the knee is high.

You can imagine the unbelievable and acute pain this has been causing Mimi. For her to keep pushing through it the past few days has shown what a truly tenacious woman she is, however there comes a point where medical advice is needed when the pain denotes something more serious.

Mimi has many more races and world record running achievements ahead of her, risking all of that for this transcon run simply isn’t worth it at the risk of serious implications for her knee had she continued.

Mimi is heartbroken and is taking a few days to process what has happened. This has been her dream for many years now and I am sure you can understand how tough the next while will be for her.

I am sure she’ll be in touch with you all as soon as she’s ready. For now, please do send her messages of support as I promise they will help enormously.

She would like to thank her sponsors who have supported her throughout this attempt and her crew.

We’re all gutted but she’ll be back!

Thankyou all