Day 9

Tim Anderson Uncategorised

This is a picture of one of the snakes Mimi came across on day 6.

So she’s off again at the start of Day 9. I have recalculated the mileage so far (slightly thrown out because Mimi tested Strava on the 28th Aug and this added 7 miles to her total.)

So her days so far are:

Day 1 – 61.4 miles, Day 2 – 57.7 miles, Day 3 – 55.8 miles, Day 4 – 63.5, Day 5 – 61.4, Day 6 – 60.5 miles, Day 7 – 62.4 miles, Day 8 – 57.8 miles.

Total = 480.5 miles (Average 60.06 miles per day).

This is more than Mimi was intending to do and is not an indication that she is ahead of schedule as a few extra miles were added in the last  days due to the odd diversion.

Please keep up the support and don’t forget to make a donation to her charities – every little bit helps.

Jenny and the crew are really having to work hard – the last few days have not been easy because of the terrain and small route changes and they also need your encouragement.

We are now updating Mimi’s Endurance Runner FB page ¬†