Dulce, New Mexico Day 15

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Jenny’s post from yesterday:

“Day 15 and Mimi is on Route 64 for the entire day, making her way towards Dulce, New Mexico.

I’m not with Mimi today as I’ve driven ahead into Dulce to spend some time catching up on admin and backing up all our GWR evidence etc.

As soon as Mimi finishes this evening I’ll be able to come back into town and download everything to Strava after several days of not being able to upload.

For now, here’s the mileage for the last few days:

Day 11 57.6 miles
Day 12 57 miles
Day 13 57.7 miles
Day 14 58.3 miles

Today Mimi is planning to do another 57 miles.”

Over and out!

Becky and Mimi as they start day 15.


and again as they start this morning:


Today Sophie and I meet up with the team having arrived in Denver last night and Mimi crosses into California:

Last night Paul posted this:

“Tonight I met my first ever native American Apache Indian, called Francisco. He offered us the use of his home, shower and gardens to park up in. Then he cooked us spicy chicken wings & jacket potatoes.
A truly generous man to complete strangers – I was the first Englishman he’s ever met….and then he tells me that he won’t kill me and scalp me as I’ve got no hair”