New Mexico

Tim Anderson Uncategorised

Today Mimi crossed the border into New Mexico. Looking good.

The signal was non- existent for the last 24 hours or so but hopefully things will start to improve. The tracker will not function without mobile signal – however this should change as Mimi heads further East. Anyone who lives in my part of Kent will be familiar with this problem.

This post from Jenny was posted just now using the Scrumptious Productions¬†“hot spot”:

I spent the day mostly waiting for deliveries of essentials requested by the crew – extra socks -( thank you Xbionics), Sat phone – sim card, Hoka trainers (in wider fit and larger size), National flag in the hope it will be unfurled in New York ( 2 of these arrived as I ordered a second when the first was supposedly delayed until after my departure) .

I hope to have the mileage from Jenny later this evening – it is however now well past my bedtime!