Route 64 New Mexico

Tim Anderson Uncategorised

Nearly 800 miles done.

Becky and Mimi in this video are on Route 64 having left the Indian Reservations and the traffic is manic! They will have another 57 miles on this road.

Mimi called me from her mobile – ( I was playing golf on a corporate day – the fine was not too bad and certainly worth it to hear her voice). Very much looking forward to being there now.

Jan and the team have been hard at work in the crew bus and produced some wonderful looking scoff 

It seems there is no shortage of people willing to help along the way.

Becky just posted :

Thanks to Cheryl at Homestead RV park in Kirkland for letting us use the shower facilities and refill water and dump waste! What an absolute star!

Thanks Cheryl.

Also the trackers are now working – even the support vehicle!