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Marie Curie

In 2007 my father sadly passed away from bladder cancer and in July 2010 my husband’s younger brother Mark lost his brave battle with lung cancer. They were both supported by the wonderful Marie Curie Nurses who not only made sure my father and Mark were pain free and comfortable, they also offered comfort and support to family members.

We’re here for people living with any terminal illness, and their families. We offer expert care, guidance and support to help them get the most from the time they have left.Marie Curie Website


My family have lost two very special men who were loved and still missed but their last few days were made easier by the unconditional support given by these amazing nurses. Part of my run is to raise money to say thank you for everything they have done not only for me but for countless other families.

Here are some of the items that your kind donations can provide.

  • £35 pays for a slide sheet, used by MC nurses to move terminally ill people safely in bed.
  • £20 pays for a MC nurse to look after someone with a terminal illness for one hour in the comfort of their own home.
  • £70 pays for someone with a terminal illness to attend day therapy at a MC hospice, benefiting from gentle exercise, an art class and more.
  • £180 pays for a MC nurse to look after someone for a full nine-hour shift in the comfort of their own homes.
  • £400 pays for someone to stay in a MC Hospice for 24hrs, so they can receive the hands-on-care they need in their final days.
  • £5,500 will cover the cost of Marie Curie’s entire nursing service across the UK for one hour.
  • £19,000 pays for a year of care from a MC nurse for people with terminal illness.

Your donation however small will go towards supporting and helping those who need it most.  Thank you.

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Free to Run

In 2015 I mentored two amazing Afghan women as they prepared to take part in a 250km 7 day self-sufficiency staged race in the Gobi Desert as part of a team – they were to become the first Afghan women to accomplish such an extra-ordinary feat. The obstacles they faced in training were tremendous. They often faced street harassment if they tried to train in public and even getting access to gym facilities was difficult as women. Free to Run had to provide private transport to take the women to and from a local gym during ‘female hours’, where they could spend hours running on a treadmill. On occasion, they found unexploded remnants of wars when they trained in the mountains.

We don’t live in a perfect world and there are still large parts of it where women and girls suffer from inequality. They don’t have the opportunity to participate in any form of sport due to the constraints put on them by the society they live in. In conflict-affected communities, women suffer violence, discrimination and abuse, and their access to sport and physical activity is non-existent. Can you imagine living a life like that?

Free to Run is a non-profit organization established by fellow ultra- runner Stephanie Case in 2014 and I’m extremely honoured to be an Ambassador.

They provides opportunities for women and girls from conflict-affected areas to get involved in running, fitness and outdoor adventure. Through sport, Free to Run aims to empower and educate women in some of the most difficult areas on earth, such as Afghanistan, South Sudan and are working with the refugees in Hong Kong. They are using the power of sport to change lives and communities.

In Afghanistan, Free to Run helped form sports clubs for female students, engaging them in hiking and other outdoor activities. Often for the first time in their lives, these young women are experiencing what it is like to move freely outdoors. By empowering women and educating men, Free to Run uses sport to challenge the perception of the role of women in public life, in societies where traditionally they had less freedom.

Here are a few examples of the costs and where your marvellous donations will go:

  • A $30 (£23) donation buys SAFE transportation for one girl to all running and hiking practices for one month.
  • A $15 (£12)  donation buys culturally appropriate running clothes for one female participant.
  • $300  (£231) supports a girl from a different province to run the only official marathon in Afghanistan.
  • $185 (£143) supports a whole week of running practices for a 25 member provincial team.
  • $150 (£116) supports a trained Program Officer to lead practices for our female runners for 1 month.
  • $600 (£462) One month for the entire Kabul mixed-gender sports team to train, with 4 activities per week.
  • $935 (£720) One month for the entire Mazar girls and women’s team to train, with 4 activities per week.
  • $600 (£462) One month for the entire Bamyan team to train with 4 activities per week.

As you can see your donations will make a massive difference in supporting these women and girls.  Thank you.

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