Time Ticking On..

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Time ticking on….

It’s hard to believe that today the 7th August there is only one month left until I begin my long run across America.  It only seemed like yesterday when there was 6 months to go and lots of time to train!

Training has gone well and the miles have increased steadily over the weeks and although at times it’s been hard amazingly my body has held up and managed to take everything I have thrown at it.

People have asked me how I came up with the route I’m going to be running as there is NO official route.  In the guidelines set out by Guinness World Records it states:

“The attempt should start at New York City Hall and end at Los Angeles City Hall (or vice versa).  If two alternative cities are chosen, both cities must be coastal (i.e San Diego to Virginia Beach) and the route distance must be equal to or greater than New York to Los Angeles”.

“It is up to the challenger to chose the shortest/most suitable route between the two cities”.

My run will start at the City Hall in Los Angeles and finish (all going well) at the City Hall in New York.

The rules state that I’m not allowed to go on any illegal roads which unfortunately means I cannot run on the I-40 between Kingman and Flagstaff in Arizona.  When we went over for the recce last May I noticed that cyclists were allowed on this particular section of the road so I contacted the police department who told me that although cyclists were allowed pedestrians weren’t.  This of course means I will be wiggling my way around the smaller roads alongside the I-40 which will add quite a few additional miles to the route (all part of the challenge!)

Part of my route at the beginning takes me through the Morango Indian Reservation.  In May they wouldn’t let us through as we needed permission so had to find an alternative route – thankfully we have been lucky enough to get permission for one of my support vehicles and myself (running) to be able to drive through the reservation.  They are even giving us a police escort which is fantastic.

I think I’m there in terms of the organisation.  Maps done, GPX files downloads, watches sorted etc but there are still a few bits and bobs to be done – it’s unbelievable how long organising an event like this takes!

I’m incredibly lucky to have an amazing crew coming out to support me (they’re not all coming out at the same time!) Jenny Davis & Jan Strachan will be there for the whole run and for the first 3 weeks I will also have Becky and Paul George together with Fiona Philips (physio).

When Becky, Paul & Fiona leave Aaron Ascaro and Becky Ash (physio) will take over from HWMBO and Rebecca.  I can’t thank everyone enough for giving up their time to look after and support me, you guys are absolutely amazing.  (I’m still after a physio for the final week (could be longer depending on how I do) if anyone in the USA would like to come and support me that would be marvellous.

These types of events can’t be done without a support crew, they are absolutely and totally invaluable.  Crewing isn’t going to be a walk in the park there are SO many things they have to do during the day and only once their “jobs” are done can they have time to themselves for sleeping or training.

Without sponsors this World Record attempt couldn’t even get off the ground.  I mentioned the cost of this to a guy I was running with a couple of weeks ago and he was shocked that is despite having done everything as cheaply as possible.  I do have the worlds greatest sponsors (biased I know!) but they are bloody fantastic.

My Main Sponsors are:

Vehicle Sponsor:

  • VW Group of America

Kit Sponsors:

If anyone is interested in supporting/sponsoring my run please get in touch via the link of the website.

A big thank you goes to David Hetherington who has designed my USA website – poor guy has put up with me changing my mind, taking things out and putting new stuff in but the end result is fantastic.

Happy Training!