It’s time to zip up my woman-suit and run!

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I can’t believe that after all the heart ache, planning, training and of course pure panic that I’m 5 days away from the biggest challenge of my running life!

The past year has been an emotional roller coaster starting with the knee surgery then the worry that I wouldn’t be fit enough, followed by trying to get everything in place.  Luckily for me I have had the most fantastic support from my osteopath Ken who has been treating me for over 10 years and Deana an amazing Sports Therapist at Kent University who not only has given me treatments & exercises for my knee but I have also had access to the Alter-G treadmill which really has in my opinion made the difference in my rehabilitation enabling me to be where I am today.

Everything is now in place, the crew are prepped and ready and my sponsors are simply amazing I can’t thank them enough for their support and belief in me.  VW America have very kindly provided me with two vehicles and they have also put all the logos on them – just look at how amazing they are.

The logos on the two vehicles are my two Charities Free to Run and Marie Curie  as well as the companies who have sponsored me financially for the trip:

Angus Energy

James Manclark – Knowe Properties Ltd




My other amazing sponsors who have provided me with kit are:







Race Drone

Chia Charge 

Go Faster Food

And last by certainly not least Össur have very kindly provided me with a knee brace (which hopefully I won’t need to use but I have it just as a precaution)

My Össur brace is protecting the cartilage in my knee, following my micro fracture surgery and my meniscal repair I had in August 2016, It’s clinically-proven and is unloading my joint, which is helping to keep me going and protecting my joint from further damage and offering me pain relief.

This is the link:

My amazing coach Ray Zahab has been an absolute star giving me a kick up the old backside when I needed it and kept me on track – big hugs.

I’m nervous, excited and absolutely terrified but this is what I love doing – pushing myself both physically  and mentally to see what my body is capable of achieving.  Perhaps I won’t get the outcome I want, after all it is a very very long way but I will certainly be giving it everything I have and more.  I have the most amazing crew who I’m delighted and proud to have looking after me, their job is extremely tough, it certainly isn’t a relaxing holiday!

There is a plan in place but as we all know plans are great for keeping you motivated but sometimes situations happen and the plan needs to be adapted and changed, again this is what endurance running and certainly events of this distance require.

Tomorrow I fly out with 3 member of my crew and the run kicks off at 2pm UK time on the 7th September.  Please keep sending lots of positive vibes across the pond, keep fingers and toes crossed and with your support behind me I will hopefully arrive in New York.

Big thank you to everyone who has sponsored me, you are simply marvellous.  If anyone would like to make a donation to my charities the link is here:

My crew will be doing all the social media posts while we are away so please follow our journey.  Although I’m the person doing the running an event like this is about the whole team and working together to achieve one goal to set a new World Record.

Good luck to everyone racing while I’m away I will be thinking of you.

Happy Training.