Tuba City Arizona Start of Day 11

Tim Anderson Uncategorised

Due to poor signal we didn’t get a live FB update today or when they finished in Tuba last night. Signal has continued to be poor and only this evening UK time have we heard from Jenny :

“Morning everyone! We’ve had some tech difficulties in uploading Mimi’s morning run to Strava and Movescount yesterday. The phone and wi-if signals are very poor here in Tuba City, Arizona. We were able to upload her afternoon run after many hours but no luck with the morning run.

Not even the free McDonalds wi-fi (any excuse for a McFlurry…) will Today we’ll find somewhere with another wi-if connection and upload it ASAP.

Mimi has set off for Day 11 and she couldn’t be fresher after two great nights of sleep. She honestly looks like she only just started this attempt today! ¬†Updates to follow as soon as we have signal.


Jenny also posted the picture attached showing the point where Mimi had to continue on her own!

She posted : “None shall pass! Super tricky route three days back, no signal, maps don’t marry up with the route due to a flash flood some time back. We sent Mimi on loaded with water and food, arranged for the second support vehicle to meet her where they could on the other side. Meanwhile we got a flat tyre and attacked by dogs! All in a day’s crewing!”

Mimi will now have covered just over 588 miles – can’t be exact until Saturday’s Strava has been uploaded.

More later………….